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Please enter the security code below: * has been designed to help give people an answer to their financial needs. Second mortgages or caveat loans can be arranged via has arrangements with a number private funders to ensure that if you need for a second mortgage or caveat loan, you can rest assured knowing we will have the answer for you. Second Mortgages and Caveat loans can range from $10,000 - $500,000 or more.

So why would you need a caveat loan or a second mortgage?


Are you buying a new property and have another one that has been sold? Need the funds to settle the new property or else you stand to loose your deposit? can help arrange a loan for you to cover any shortfall in the settlement and once you sell the other property you can clear out the money you borrowed. Remember, some second mortgages and caveat loans can normally settle within 2 – 5 business days.



Do you have some invoices due for payment? Waiting on some large cash injections or a merger? If you have proof of this money coming in and need some cash for the business to progress in the meanwhile, then a second mortgage or caveat loan may be useful.



Many businesses have great cash flow, but occasionally go through a tough patch. If you have a debt outstanding that is going to cause major issues for you moving forward, for example, an ATO debt or other Creditor, then you may want a second mortgage or caveat loan to pay that debt on time. For the exit strategy you may be able to prove some cash that is coming in the near future, or you may have an impending refinance going through.



Some of our borrowers need money to clean up a property before a sale, ensuring they obtain the best sale price possible. Do you have some landscaping to do on your investment property, or maybe even painting out a commercial property prior to the auction. A second mortgage or caveat would give you the ability to complete the works of which would then be paid out upon the sale of the property. How much extra money could you be making on your sale?



Occasionally developers and general builders alike can get into a position during a construction project where they run out of funds to complete a project. As long as there is an acceptable level of equity funders are more than willing to look at assisting you to fund the project to the end. Therefore you can move on and finish the project without being stuck in limbo.


Common Questions

What’s the main requirement for a Second Mortgage and Caveat loans?
All caveat and second mortgage loans rely mainly on the ‘exit strategy’, this means, how are you paying back the debt? As long as this is strong, ie, If you have sold a property and can clear the debt from that, then you have a very strong exit strategy. Or you may have a big invoice being paid and need cash flow till then.

How long do these types of loans take?
Normally 2- 5 business days. Sometimes if they are extremely urgent they can be done the same day. These loans do come at a cost though. We also have access to longer term second mortgages for 1 - 2 years, these can take a couple of weeks to settle but are generally cheaper.

What sort of documents do the lenders want?
Normally the second mortgage and caveat loans will lend to around 80% of the properties value. The majority of the time a valuation wont even be needed, nor is income proof. The loans rely on the ‘exit strategy’.

For what purpose can I use the money?
Any and all worthwhile business or investment purpose.

What types of properties can be used for the Second Mortgages and Caveat Loans?
Either residential properties or commercial properties. All real estate within Australia will be considered.

What sort of loan terms are available?
Some Second Mortgages will go for 12 months or more. Most urgent Second Mortgages and Caveats are for 1 – 6 month terms.

What if I have bad credit or don’t have current financials? has such a large array of products this is usually not a problem, once again it depends on the ‘exit strategy’.

In summary, may just have the solution to your sticky problem. Give us a call or email us your enquiry now, why wait – when your problem may be one phone call away from being solved! - 1300 737 426!!

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